Regular maintenance helps lower the number of IT problems and keep the efficient operation of your business IT infrastructure. Many issues can be prevented with proactive monitoring and maintenance. Our system ensures that your hardware is functioning properly and identifies and corrects technical issues, before they disrupt your business.

Proactive monitoring services

Our proactive monitoring software constantly monitors your system. It helps identify and resolve the problems as early as possible, thus minimising the need for reactive support. The system keeps records of all issues and events which help to analyse the root-cause of recurrent problems in order to avoid repetition.

A software agent is installed onto each workstation. It automatically checks the health of devices and performs preventative maintenance work to reduce the number of unexpected faults. The detection of any warnings or critical events will trigger an instant notification alert. We also provide remote monitoring service for all network devices, such as routers and servers.

Internet connectivity
Check for problems with the connection or equipment
Anti-virus software
To make sure it is installed, up to date and active; Virus alerts and malware detection
Backup monitoring
Daily checks to ensure successful backup runs
Patch management
Including operating system, MS Office and other software
Server monitoring
Checks on uptime, health and performance
Disk management
Monitoring of free space and availability, clean-up, defragmentation
Hard drive health
To detect failing drives

Our Monitoring & Maintenance Services

Maintenance services

Devices require regular maintenance and upgrades to eliminate potential security threats and operational errors. With new threats developed daily it is very important to keep all the firmware and software up to date. In order to eliminate the issues before they become problematic for your organisation we offer our essential maintenance services. We will automatically run patch management tools to run the update of the operating system, drivers and third party software.

Monitoring and maintenance service features:

Monitoring system agent is installed on all workstations, servers and other network devices such as routers and printers
Configuration profiles are set up on devices to ensure the correct tasks are executed at the right time
Thresholds are set up to identify any events that may cause problems and disruptions
Centralized management allows us to monitor and manage multiple networks and sites
Asset management provides important information about devices such as: os type, installed software and licensing information, internal specification of the device, state of antivirus, user information
Reports help troubleshooting issues
Advanced system of notifications that trigger warnings or critical alerts when specific events are detected
Monitoring for the updates that are needed on the machine, which can be installed manually or scheduled to install automatically outside of working hours