IT procurement and installation services

Hardware and software procurement process is very important, but can be complicated. Having a single source for all IT purchasing solutions will get you the latest technologies and software licensing required to create an effective computer and communication system.

Blue Planet offers assistance with the management of IT procurement process in order to provide high quality hardware within your budget requirements. The process consists of the following stages:

Consultation - our initial consultation which will help assess your technology needs

Order - your equipment is sourced from our supply chain of distributors and resellers; we source the appropriate hardware, software and consumables ensuring that the products meet the requirements of your business

Installation – your new equipment is configured in our workshop, then delivered, installed and tested onsite ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations

Our Services

Our services provide the right solution, from a single laptop to a complete IT infrastructure. We can source a range of computer hardware including servers, PCs, laptops, network switches, routers, printers, backup devices, projectors and whiteboards or any other you may require. We also offer customised computer builds that effectively meet the requirements of specific software like CAD design software, with specialized graphic cards and a lot of RAM.

We can supply computer software packages and any third-party software, which we are able to source from many suppliers and vendors. We schedule the job to install the software, including drivers and plugins at a time that suits your organisation. We ensure the software is activated with the right license for your type of business.

Our range of IT hardware and software procurement services:


Computing – desktop, laptops, servers, peripherals


Components, consumables and cables

Network hardware

Network hardware – switches, routers, wireless points, power supplies

Data storage

Data storage – hard drives, NAS devices


Printing – basic printers, multifunction printers, accessories

Software & licencing

Software and licensing – operating system, applications, licensing and subscriptions