Let’s talk about internet connections

The business world relies on stable internet connections. It is continually evolving, and both the online and offline experiences are expected to be seamless. The right internet connection has an integral effect on streamlining processes and operations. From simple tasks … Read more

The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

The primary source of accessing our online accounts is with our usernames and passwords. We’ve been educated on how important it is to create strong passwords containing a variation of upper case, lower case, and special characters etc. However, nowadays, … Read more

Image showing two laptops; one with a masked man phishing for information from the second laptop. Image used for blog on identifying and avoiding phishing emails
Identifying and Avoiding Phishing Emails – Top Tips

What is phishing? Phishing is a social engineering technique that attempts to trick users into disclosing sensitive data. Originally, the goal of this was just to access and steal personal and corporate information, but as time has progressed, cybercriminals now … Read more

IT Projects

Blue Planet Networking Ltd can help to support you from start to finish with any of your IT Projects, big or small. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of technicians will not only advise & guide you on the technology available … Read more

Business Phone Systems

Blue Planet Networking Ltd offers both traditional PBX on premises phone systems, as well as complete VoIP cloud-based off premises systems. Business phone systems are an integral part of all business, whether you are an SME or a large enterprise. … Read more

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