Flexible web services


What is domain management?

Domain management is the ongoing maintenance of your domains, including permissions, stability and updating.


What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the provision of space on a server that enables your website and emails to be available online.


Why is domain management & web hosting so important?

Domain management can be complicated and catastrophic if you get it wrong. You could be left without emails and your website down! DNS management also ensures email validity and protects from cyber-attacks.

Your domain should be considered an asset to your company! It is at the forefront of your online presence, along with being imperative to your organisation’s communications. Managing your domain is just as important as managing Trademarks and other assets, perhaps even more so in the current online climate.

Choosing a web hosting provider is also important, to ensure high availability of your website, online services and emails, with as little downtime as possible.


Blue Planet Networking Ltd offers comprehensive domain name management and web hosting services to help your business online identity with a professional domain name and email address.

Domain administration services include:

  • registration of the domain in your company name
  • automatic renewal services
  • domain configuration and settings changes to ensure your website and emails are functioning correctly
  • ongoing domain management to ensure that your website is accessible all the time


Our web hosting services are provided via a UK based business class partner.


Our DNS monitoring system actively monitors your domain 24/7. It focuses on -

IP addresses - IPs are monitored to ensure you are aware of any changes to stop them becoming a problem with your connections

SOA records – these are monitored to check for changes which can be useful in preventing imminent attacks

MX and SRV records – MX and SRV records are monitored to ensure communication routes remain active and also prevent email hacking

NS records and root servers – these are monitored to confirm they have not been altered. Issues with NS records and root servers can leave you without email or your website down


Blue Planet’s domain name management and web hosting packages are fully scalable, and work to achieve in excess of 99% uptime where possible. Whether you are looking for email or website hosting, or anything else, we have a package we can tailor to your needs, right from sourcing domain names through to support.