All IT support calls and emails are logged on our IT Helpdesk system with ticket number and appropriate priority as soon as they are received. This system offers a single point for reporting any issues, improving client response and resolution times. When you need our help or advice you can email or phone our helpdesk to report an issue or rise a technical question.

The ticketing management system maintains a record of all issues and requests, from simple issues like password change request to more serious like data loss. It helps us to track your support calls, assess your IT needs and provide advice on areas of improvements to recurring problems.

Once we have logged your call, you will receive an automated email. Our team of technicians work on tickets based on priority and severity of impact on your business operation. Appropriate action will be taken to resolve the issue either over the phone or using our Remote Access tool. We will keep you updated with the progress of your ticket and let you know when the issue has been solved.

Email Support

Send an email to the Help Desk to automatically create a ticket.

Phone Support

01530 817217

Speak to a support team member on the phone.