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Blue Planet can help you manage all aspects of information and communication technology services from software installation and security management to internet connection and network maintenance. Our offer consists of on-site and off-site support via telephone or using various access methods, on both ad-hoc and contracted basis.

IT Support Contracts

As the use of computers in business has evolved over the past twenty years and become more integrated with every aspect of daily working, ensuring that your IT systems are both healthy and running efficiently and securely is more important than ever.

Based on our experiences over the past few years, we have found that systems with active monitoring, management and security in place are much more stable and experience far fewer issues than unmanaged systems.

As such, in an effort to improve our current maintenance and service offerings for our customers, Blue Planet offers a fully managed IT support contract model. Only in this way can we ensure that our customers have the best protections in place to help maintain system health, better protect your data, and mitigate external attacks.

We offer fixed cost complete IT support plans, that are tailored all types of business, from a home based start-up company to medium organization with many years of experience.  We have a wide range of high quality services to effectively manage your IT system on a day-to-day basis, while minimising downtime and maximizing business productivity. Our contracts are flexible, affordable and scalable, adapting to your needs as they change with the growth of your company.

What our fully managed IT solution includes 

  • 24/7 server monitoring
  • 24/7 workstation monitoring
  • 24/7 network device monitoring
  • Software and Windows patch management
  • Anti-Virus software management
  • DNS filtering
  • Offsite file backup
  • Offsite SharePoint/OneDrive backup
  • Offsite Office 365 email account backup
  • Remote, on-site and telephone support


More details on each aspect of our fully managed IT solution can be found below.

24/7 Server, Workstation and Device Monitoring

Our fully managed monitoring includes:

  • System resources (CPU, memory, and hard drive health and usage)
  • Network and IP monitoring
  • Printers
  • SQL Server
  • Active Directory
  • Router and internet connections
  • Wireless access points
  • Onsite backup

As part of the monitoring service, we also carry out preventative maintenance in the background, to ensure the continued smooth operation of your workstations. Often, we can identify a failing component before the end user is aware, which allows for fixing/replacement before it becomes a greater issue.

Software and Windows Patch Management

Out of date software and Windows installations pose some of the highest risks to your systems, in terms of both smooth operation and security. Ensuring that your software and your Windows installation is up to date is one of the most important aspects of system maintenance. As part of our fully managed IT solution, we will ensure that your software and Windows updates are performed in a timely manner following their release, in the background while you are working.

Anti-Virus Software Management

Anti-virus software is a fundamental part of protecting not only your computer but that of all the other computers within your business. We have used ESET as our chosen Anti-virus software provider for the past 18 years, due to their proven track record of providing excellent protection for our customers. As part of our fully managed IT solution we ensure that not only will you have the latest versions of the software and threat databases installed, but we can actively monitor and manage any detections that may occur and ensure that your protection has not been compromised.

DNS Filtering

A common tactic employed by attackers is to mislead you into clicking a link in an email, whereby you are directed to a website containing malicious intent. While user training to help recognise these malicious emails is often the best first defence against them, blocking access to these websites can prove to be an effective second defence. Phishing emails, malware, viruses, command and control botnets, and other threats can be protected against through the use of DNS Filtering. Access to these malicious websites can be stopped before your computer even connects to them.

Offsite File Backup

Your data is critical to your business and an effective backup solution should be a priority for your IT systems. While an on-site solution works well for day-to-day file recovery, should the worst happen and your systems are attacked or your premises are damaged or broken into, off-site backup is a necessity. As part of our fully managed IT solution, we include 500GB of offsite backup using our own secure backup servers. Extra storage is available for those who require it, in a tiered pricing structure.

Offsite SharePoint/OneDrive Backup

Cloud-based file storage solutions are being more commonplace – especially as home working becomes more prevalent – and the safety of your cloud-based data is as important as the safety of data held on your own onsite systems. It is important to note however, that while Microsoft provide high availability of your data, they do not hold any backups. With our fully managed IT solution, we can ensure that your SharePoint and OneDrive data are backed up to our secure offsite backup servers. 500GB of offsite backup is included as part of our fully managed IT solution, but extra storage with tier-based pricing is available should you require it.

Offsite Office 365 Email Backup

As more and more of our business is conducted electronically, emails have become the standard communication method for almost everyone. Many people have tens of thousands of emails in their account – sometimes dating back a decade or more – containing important conversations, order receipts, legal contracts, drawings and more. The prospect of losing this forever, e.g. due to a malicious attacker, is potentially devastating. As part of our fully managed IT solution we backup your email accounts to our secure offsite servers, giving you the peace of mind that they can be recovered should the worst happen.

Remote, On-site and Telephone Support

While we find that fully managed systems experience far fewer day-to-day issues, there are always going to be times when you may have a question or problem that requires our assistance. Included in our fully managed IT solution is the ability to call or email us for help as many times as you like. Depending on the issue at hand, we can normally resolve most issues remotely via our secure remote access software. Alternatively, if required, we can visit you to investigate the problem further.


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Regular maintenance helps lower the number of IT problems and keeps the efficient operation of your IT infrastructure.
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