Performance, security and efficient management

Server infrastructure provides secure storage of company data, controls network security, runs centralized database applications. Our server support services provide you the right equipment that will help to increase productivity of your business.

We have the knowledge and experience of designing and installing server infrastructures, offering a reliable, effective and secure solution that is right for your business and within the budget. We complete the installation with providing a suitable backup plan.

Our Microsoft Windows Servers services include:

Server installations and upgrades
Server migrations
Server maintenance
Server support and monitoring

windows server

We can source the right hardware, configure and set up a range of systems, from small business servers to multiple server installation. We have experience with physical, virtual and hosted servers. We can supply the hardware as well as software needed for your organisation.

We offer proactive on-going support for your critical server systems to reduce downtime. It covers management, major software updates, patch installation, fault finding and active monitoring for performance, disk space and disk failures.

User Management

User management is an important part of server infrastructure services. Group policies and user permissions ensure the file level security needed for company network. They can be customised according to your business needs.

Using Active Directory as a user management tool we can manage user activity by creating new user accounts, managing security groups with file access and permissions, controlling group membership and removing accounts of users that have left the company. At every step we follow the administrative procedures to secure all existing data and meet requirements of compliancy with regulatory standards.

Server monitoring and maintenance


Our server monitoring and maintenance service features:

Monitoring system agent is installed on all servers

Configuration profiles are implemented to ensure the correct tasks are executed at the right time

Thresholds are put in place to identify events that may cause any problems

Our asset management collates important information about your server, such as: operating system, software versions and licence information

Regular reporting to troubleshoot any issues, check on uptime, health and performance

Notification system that triggers warnings or critical alerts when certain events are detected

Monitoring required updates and planning installation, which can be installed manually or scheduled for out of your usual office hours


Our comprehensive server services cover all the below Windows Server versions:


Windows Server 2019 ·         Windows Server 2019 Essentials

·         Windows Server 2019 Standard

·         Windows Server 2019 Datacenter


Windows Server 2016

·         Windows Server 2016 Essentials

·         Windows Server 2016 Standard

·         Windows Server 2016 Datacenter


Windows Server 2012 R2

·         Windows Server 2012 R2 Foundation

·         Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials

·         Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

·         Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter


Windows Server 2012

·         Windows Server 2012 Foundation

·         Windows Server 2012 Essentials

·         Windows Server 2012 Standard

·         Windows Server 2012 Datacenter



Why choose Blue Planet Networking Ltd for your Microsoft Windows server services?

We have over 20 years’ experience in the installation, set up and regular maintenance of Windows Servers, and our skilled & professional team have worked on projects of all sizes, covering all Windows server versions that are currently supported. We have the expertise to help you with any issue you may be facing regarding your Windows Server- whether it be an upgrade, migration, install or simply regular maintenance – we will work with you to achieve what your business needs. Blue Planet Networking Ltd offers Server Infrastructure services and support to local businesses across the East Midlands, including Derbyshire, Leicestershire &Nottinghamshire.