Secure offsite data backup

The company data is critical to your business. It is very important to protect it from loss caused either by hardware failure, software failure or human error. Our secure and easy data backup service provide solutions for backing up your data and digital assets to ensure that restoring your business to working order is smooth and quick.

We offer reliable, secure, automated and cost-effective backup solutions for your critical business data. We will look at your requirements and offer options that will best suit your business needs, based on the number of critical servers or your recovery time. From single-site traditional backups including tape drives to multi-site hybrid solutions of on-premises disk drive backups combined with offsite backups.

Our backup solutions ensure that your data are backed up safely and securely. Daily automatic backups are available for your servers, computers and laptops. The data backup service is performed using your internet connection by utilizing the bandwidth outside normal office hours.

Features of the offsite storage backups:


Fully automated backups scheduled for unattended operation save time and eliminate maintenance and management hassles.


Data encryption provides full security throughout the backup and restore cycle - data is encrypted before being sent offsite and is stored in encrypted format. It can be only decrypted after being restored back to your system.


Email reports on the state of the backup are checked every morning, and issues are resolved when they appear.


Validation of data integrity – checks and tests are performed after every backup ensuring that all the files in the backup are readable and can be restored .